Mud Pump (Fluid End)

  • Modules
  • Liners (Chrome Iron & Ceramic)
  • Pistons (Urethane & Rubber)
  • Discharge Crosse, Strainer Blocks & Manifolds
  • Seals (Standard Service and Sour Service)
  • Valves, Seats & Springs
  • Rods (Piston, Intermediate and Extension)

American Block offers a complete line of interchangalbe fluid end products
and acessories. We manufacuter items that are 100% interchange able with other OEM's
such as NOV, IDECO, EMSCO, GARDENER DENVER, OILWELL and others. We can
offer standard replacemnt parts as weill as 2 piece "L" Shaped moudles and as an added value we offer 7500 PSI rated modules as well.

Manufacatued from the higest quality of steel our products offer the higest perfromace and durability in the market today, resulting in a better bottom line for its users





ISO 9001